A downloadable game

You have one job. I hope it's clear what that job is.

Use your mouse to do your job.

If you fail, refresh the page.

If you succeed, refresh the page - your job has become somewhat harder.


Note: This has been tested in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Of those only Chrome seemed to behave itself.

Install instructions

Please visit the link in the download section to play the game.


Game Link


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Very simple yet good game. Id like to have restart button.


Really like the simplicity of the concept and how intuitive it is.  I can imagine this and similar games being part of the background of websites or portfolio pages.


Love the clean look. And cool how you did the animations with only CSS.

Looking at the code, seems like the refresh rate depends on how often the browser is able to call the onmousemove callback, which might not be enough. If I move the mouse fast enough, I can go through the needle without registering a win or a loss.

Usually for this kind of thing you'd use interpolation: every update, draw a line between the previous mouse position and the current one, and check if the line intersects the needle threading area.

Probably nothing new for you, totally understandable if you just wanna keep it simple.

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Thanks for playing! Yeah, you can "trick it" by "jumping across" the needle. 

I think for now I'll keep it as-is , but that would definitely be an improvement :)